Overhead Projector   Touch Screen
Superbly defined course graphics shown on a wall sized screen 3.85 m x 2.85 m in size that give incredible realism and highlights the accuracy of the ball flight.   Interactive touch screen and user friendly software allows simple management of every aspect of your golfing experience.
High Resolution Graphics  
The Easyplay Golf Simulator combines ease of operation and ultra realistic play, with the latest advancements in electronic and video technology. The amazingly accurate Easyplay system has been created with the serious golfer in mind.  
Swing Analysis  
Feedback from every shot, including launch angle, carry,ball speed, total distance, club head speed,clubhead angle, ball position (heel, toe, middle) club path angle, swing speed and tempo.  
Club Head Analysis  
Practice using the interactive state of the art practice ground, analyse every shot, see detailed and accurate clubhead information after each and every shot - clubhead speed, club head angle, Club head at impact, Club head after impact, Club path angle, Tempo, Ball speed, Ball angle  
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