Unlike other Simulators, Easyplay’s dual technology tracking system provides unique feedback of your swing and club head data from its unique electronic floor sensors which show how the club contacts the ball after every shot.

The electronic floor sensors combined with the ball ‘in flight’ tracking sensors which are located in the walls and ceiling provide you with the most accurate and realistic ball flight.

Accurate Swing analysis data is produced after every shot comprising the following;

clubhead speed,
Club head after impact
club head angle,
Club path angle
Club head at impact
Ball speed
Ball angle

All this accurate data will inform you why shots hooked, sliced, and travelled certain distances (ball speed and launch angle). This analysis combination can be displayed during Course Play, Driving Range, & Longest Drive/Closest to Pin modes.
  Why it's the best...
  Accuracy of ball flight tracking system Superb LS3 latest graphics with 57 golf course software
  Realism of play Ultra accurate swing analysis after every shot
  Modern technology Touch-screen operation
New flat in appearance one piece (no middle join) canvas screen with
noise absorption qualities
  Attractive in appearance
                                                       and many more.............................

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